Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Day Four Hundred & Fifty Eight - Not Meant To Be

Shoes: Pastel coloured 'Space Sherbet' boots Kandee

Eep, I've been neglecting you this week. Between waiting in for builders (who never turn up) and as it's been pissing with rain, so I've not been out. Instead I've been glued to the news coverage of the riots across England, sad and shocking. Let's hope nothing more happens tonight, but it's not much comfort to those that have lost their homes, jobs and in some cases their lives. It's just been a horrid week. In my life, I seem to have had a run of bad luck lately. At the weekend, I sold these boots which I had purchased in the sale the other week for over £90, for a very disappointing £22. I was gutted to say the least. I felt they just didn't fit me properly, but with hindsight should've paid the £10 postage to return them rather than losing out on so much money. To rub it in an ebayer emails me this week saying 'I would buy those shoes for £30 if you cancel the other bid'. Honey, I too would love these boots for £30!!!

Wearing: Topshop jewel leggings.
Fit: I take a size up on all Kandee heels. They have a tightish fit across the foot, but the length is fine. Back zip, 6 1/4" heel and 1 1/2" platform.
Comfort: Another reason I didn't want to keep these, was the heel feels like it's buckling under your foot. I hate shoes that do that, it makes you walk funny and feel like you're one second away from a broken ankle and snapped shoe-heel.


Thank you for your shoeaholic love!!

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