Sunday, 28 August 2011

Day Four Hundred & Seventy - It's All Up

Shoes: Black suede 'Metal Mickey' Office

Right enough we had no internet for the entire day/night yesterday. I was getting so stressed! I phoned the help centre last night and we're trying to 'monitor the situation' after moving a few cables around, but so far I've been able to connect for 10 minutes or so before it goes off-much better than yesterday! Anyway, I'm busy busy with my eBay sales, lots of bids in, so that's good. Another pair that finish in a couple of hours are these high sided courts with block heel. A tiny bit too small for me, which was disappointing as I love that heel and overall shape. I also have a couple of pairs of Irregular Choice up if you're interested, my old-school pink perpsex, studded bow sandals (never worn) and my purple snake cortesans-I'll add pics below to remind you ; )

Wearing: No outfit post, nude lace socks are Miss Selfridge.
Fit: Run a little small, not really enough to warrant going up a full size. 5" heel.
Comfort: Shouldn't be any issues with these.

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