Monday, 2 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Six - Weekend Special

Shoes: Black and white striped 'Greta' platforms Charlotte Olympia

If you pop over to Pink Haired Princess, you can read all about my weekend antics at my friends wedding. I had a fabulous but very tiring time and you can see a little pic of my full outfit over there. I had yet another last minute change to my shoes, but it was definitely the right choice-no sinking in the grass and so comfortable all day. I wore 3 different pairs over the weekend, so I'll start with my 'going away' pair. I'm a little confuzzled about whether or not I have shown you all of my shoes...I think there are still a couple of pairs to see, so after these images I think we need another plan to keep the challenge going. These shoes were a massive hit with my girlfriends (and everyone actually). They were also supposed to be my choice for wearing to the wedding, but tomorrow you'll get to see those (sneak peek on PHP now).

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