Thursday, 12 August 2010

The New Shoe Girl Diaries

Sorry for the unexpected break. I've been busy today though in preparation for starting afresh! I've completely lost track of the shoes I still own and those I've thrown away since starting the challenge last year. When you're only wearing them once in a year, it's very, very difficult to recall each and every pair. So I've been going through them all and writing them down. When I was down to my last 70 or so pairs in the challenge, I did this and categorised them (winter, summer, special occasion etc) and it really helped me to decide which needed to be worn when.
As you can imagine it's quite a task! I'm probably going to eventually transfer all the data onto my computer so it's even easier to look at. I've been considering many different options of how to progress with the challenge and the only thing I'm certain of is that I don't want to commit to only wearing a pair once as it seems so wasteful and restrictive, even although it's probably more interesting for you. After my massive clear-out, I currently have just under 200 pairs though and most of you haven't been with me since the start of The Shoe Girl Diaries, so I'm hopeful that the challenge will remain exciting for you all.
I was going to choose a theme perhaps each month and stick to that, but I've eventually decided that my new system should simply be 'what I really wear'. Much more like an online shoe diary. How does someone who owns 200 pairs of shoes decide what to wear? Do I favour one pair for days on end or do I like to mix it up as often as I can? Well you'll find out in the new challenge and I'll try and photograph from different angles to keep it interesting and like I always say, there will always be new shoes! I'm also quite keen to explore the idea of the outfit I pair with the shoes...I don't think I would photograph it every day, because most days I don't even leave the house, but we'll see! I do hope you like the changes and that you'll join me on this new journey!

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