Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Silly Me!

Hello Girlies, unfortunately the other images I took this weekend aren't in focus, so I'm going to have to retake them. I'm sorry for mucking you about this past week. I'm looking after my nephews again tomorrow and Thursday, so can't guarantee I'll get the images taken then. Once I've shown you this weekends shoes, there is only one other pair in my collection you haven't seen. Gasp! I have ordered another pair of beautiful shoes today though! Told you I couldn't stop! The blog will definitely continue-as I've mentioned a million times, I have older shoes in storage which I'd love to show you too.

If anyone has any thoughts on how they would like the blog to continue (seeing as the majority of shoes will be a repetition), then do email me. I'm thinking of perhaps having a theme each month and not repeating the same pair in a month-I think choosing a whole year was a massive challenge and one I'm not overly keen to start again. Do let me know your thoughts and again I'm sorry I haven't been posting as regularly lately.
Pink Haired Princess x x x

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  1. Hiya! I was thinking about this actually...maybe you could do something with outfits...I know you've mentioned that you don't really feel comfortable doing outfit posts but maybe you could make it work with outfit suggestions? Because sometimes I really wonder how you would combine certain shoes.

    And I think you get enough new shoes in to keep it going right hehe ;) That would just result in not posting every day anymore, but you post on the PHP virtually everyday so not having a new shoe post daily wouldn't be bad at all!

    You could also post about shoes you want but haven´t got (yet)! Or some posts about new collections you put on the PHP, but they could fit in here as well, I´m always really happy to see the new collections as I always forget to look up lookbooks or I don´t know where they are!

    Hope this helps :)


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