Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Seven - Weekend Special

Shoes: Pale pink satin cherry sandals with crystals River Island

So here are the shoes I wore on Saturday to the wedding. Seeing as they needed to be chunkier heels, these were both the comfiest and dressiest option. Many guest's eye line fell towards my feet as I walked past and one older guy mentioned that they were the first thing he noticed-so they proved a hit! I think I maybe lost a couple of smaller stones as the night wore on, but you don't appear to notice. My feet didn't hurt one little bit, which was a bonus. I highly recommend these sandals, they are also available in blue which look completely different.


  1. Oh I saw this pair of Miu Miu / RI lookalikes on somebody else's blog and I love them!! Haven't managed to track myself a pair down yet tho! :S

  2. I had to buy mine online-never seen them instore. I bought them straight away though, because I was afraid they would sell out!


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