Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Whooga Boots Discount Code

Whilst I retake my photos from the weekend (it's a shame because I quite liked the change of scenery in them), how about a discount on some winter boots? Whooga Ugg boots are offering my readers 15% off for the next 2 weeks-just enter the code 15SHOEGIRL. *6th August 2010-I've been informed that the discount code is not valid on sale items. The clearance sale is expected to finish next week, by which time the code will be active. However please note, the current sale price is much less than full price minus the 15% discount code so it is advisable to purchase now whilst the clearance sale is still on. I'm sorry that I was misinformed about this.*
The boots come in an array of colours including baby pink and violet with several finishes and leg lengths. Wear them rolled down, folded or standard. The site also offers an informative look at the history of the ugg boot, how to wear them and a guide to sizing as well as it's own blog. They also ship worldwide.

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