Sunday, 15 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Three - Creep!

Shoes: Shimmering aqua bow sandals with gold tie and charms Miss Sixty

Why are nice cars always owned by stinky, old men? I just witnessed my neighbour washing his "nice sports car" in the tightest, most hideous shorts I've ever seen. Infact they were pants, not shorts! He shouldn't be allowed out like that and he's probably pushing 50 too which is disgusting, hee hee! I practically ran past him! A definite downside of the good weather-I won't even get started on his long matted ponytail!!!
Wearing: Just had a shower and pinned my hair up, so had to go out 'incognito' with a black silk scarf/turban, huge sunglasses and no makeup! Wanted to wear my pastel blue lace dress from Primark because I haven't worn it enough (or maybe at all) this summer, has really cute puffy sleeves. Had to pop on black leggings too as it's too short without (unfortunately my grey pair have been crushed in a drawer for too long)!
Fit: True to size, adjustable tie fastening. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: The band across your foot does start to dig in to your big toe (almost immediately), a chunky heel means they are pretty easy to walk in.

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