Friday, 6 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ninety - Baby Bambino

Shoes: Pink suede and floral 'Bambino' Irregular Choice

Wow Day 290-unbelievable! I really wished that I had the other pairs that are still stuck in storage to show you, because it would've been nice to see just how many shoes I had owned at one time, in one succession. However my final pair are totally and ridiculously cute, so much so that I'm considering purchasing the blue version too. The only problem is the strap which stupidly features the button hole too far inwards. I had to lengthen the button hole and I just hate taking scissors to a brand new, good pair of shoes! It's worked though and I can now comfortably fasten the strap, although I'm always worried it'll rip or something! I've posted them before on Pink Haired Princess, if you want to click for better images of the doll, but I wanted to show you a side profile here. Come Monday we'll be re-starting the challenge, I suppose. I have a few ideas of how we might change it up to keep it interesting. Have a good weekend!

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