Friday, 2 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty - Busy & Noisy

Busy, busy, busy today and it's so lovely outside, but I'm waiting for some deliveries (well I'm hoping they arrive today), so I can't enjoy the sunshine, boo. I do have time to show you my lovely new sale shoes though. Perhaps the most insane pair I own, I reckon! They don't look too crazy (well actually they do), but there is some amount of charms going on there! One of which is a rather large perspex glitter heart (pretty thick) with a horse inside and when you walk, you've got crazy charms dancing and dotting around everywhere and the noise is incredible. I think I'll have to take some off or maybe just keep the Kewpie doll on, at least she's soft and quiet! I ordered a size bigger and they are probably a little longer in length than I needed, but I think a size smaller would have been too tight in the cuff and they are quite tight across the foot anyway. Hope you're all looking forward to the weekend. The school kids here are off for their summer holidays now, so I'm guessing it'll be pretty busy! Paint splatter Making Moves with charms Irregular Choice
*update: I've just noticed we are on Day 260 and 60 of those pairs have been Irregular Choice (I've never had any idea how many IC pairs I owned, so that's good to know)! It was obviously fate that I wore these today! Still more to come!*

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