Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Five - Bright Lights

My Mum and sis are away to watch the golf today. The weather conditions have made it pretty exciting, with Tiger and co. playing until 10pm last night after a short halt in the afternoon due to high winds. They eventually decided to pack it in when it started getting dark. The game was really slow yesterday because the ball kept rolling away and even today it's sunny but still gusty. I don't think I've ever watched so much sport on TV as I have the past few days! I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about don't I? Haha, fooled you! Either that or you've fallen asleep with boredom. So onto the shoes, you may remember them from a little while back when I wore them without their ankle strap. They are actually darker pink in real life, but it was so bright outside that they look lighter. These shoes are from the SS08 runway and I've always fancied making the little frilly ankle cuffs like the models wore.
Pink satin court shoe with gold ankle ties Miu Miu

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  1. Look even better in the light. Especially like the ankle cuffs!


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