Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Five - Toying With It

Really special shoes today, how cute are these? They are a little bit annoying though because the ankle strap to which the robot is attached, fastens with velcro and when you walk, it has a habit of coming unstuck. Well, only on one foot for some reason! I ended up bent over in the street trying with one hand to refasten. It was so loose that as I was walking again the robot started to rotate around my ankle, haha! Other than the fact that they would benefit from a real buckle fastening, I love them. FYI, I bought a bigger size because the cortesan style usually runs small.
Blue cortesan robot print heels with robot toy ankle strap Irregular Choice


  1. oh my so cute! when you post IC shoes you should do the soles as well they are always amazing x

  2. I should! Cute little igloos all over these ones. I might try that when I keep the blog going after completing the challenge-I'll try to show the shoes from a completely different angle.


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