Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Five - Cherry Sparkles

Shoes: Pink cherry print satin sandals with crystals River Island

Gah, it's so annoying that I've kept some of my most beautiful shoes until last, yet I haven't been anywhere special (or indeed out of the house at all) to share them. Today I'm getting my hair coloured and my countdown to the weekend wedding has begun! I have 2 spots that have sneakily appeared (thank you!), so I've applied a vitamin C microdermabrasion peel today and my skin is feeling so clean despite the blemishes. After my hair is coloured, I'm doing a pedicure (as you can see my nails are in need of it) and I'm leaving my manicure until Thursday/Friday. I just have to pack once I decide which outfits (and shoes) I'm taking with me! Now that I see these shoes, I'm wondering if they could be yet another contender for my wedding outfit. The photo is kinda crappy, but the crystals are just so twinkly, beautiful!

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