Monday, 19 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Seven - Happy 1st Birthday

I'm so proud today, because I've reached one year of The Shoe Girl Diaries! Yep on the 19th July 2009, I was perhaps suffering from some sort of madness when I decided that I would wear every single shoe in my collection without repetition, until I ran out! Below are the first pair of shoes to start the blog. There were various technical (or other) difficulties along the way, so I haven't managed to fit in 365 pairs in the year-not that I own that amount anyway!
I actually had no idea how many pairs I did own and I am astonished to be almost close to 300 (gone is my mantra of 'I own less than 200 more than 100'!). Although in my defence, I have drastically reduced my collection over the course of the blog, so don't actually own that amount anymore. I only have a few more 'unworn' pairs left to show you now (sob!), but I'm hoping to keep the blog going after I complete the challenge. Knowing me, there will always be new shoes and I still have a couple of boxes of older styles that I need to get out of storage to show you. I might change the 'rules' a little, because it is really restrictive to only wear a pair of shoes once in a year. I must admit that I am really looking forward to having a wide variety of shoes to wear again, as the past couple of months have been quite difficult with fewer choices each day. Looking back my blog archives, I've actually forgotten some of the shoes I own, because I haven't seen them in so long! Anyway, as always, thank you for your continued support. Your comments are what keep me going! I hope I've added a little bit of fun to your day, every day and I think my photography skills have perhaps improved over the year! You can read a little interview with me on the Shunews blog today as Shudoo very kindly donated a pair of their wonderful shoes to my challenge-you will see them this week!
Pink, grey, tan and white 'Primavera' platforms Asos


  1. I just wanted to say congratulations. I have been following your diary for a few months now and I find myself checking out your fancy feet everyday!

  2. Thank you so much-hope it's been a little bit of interest every day for you! Thanks for commenting.


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