Monday, 26 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Four - Stars And Stripes

I've changed my mind about the shoes I'm wearing to my friends wedding this weekend. I really wanted to wear my Charlotte Olympia Greta platforms, but now I'm leaning more towards my Irregular Choice Kitty Princess. It's really difficult to find 'dressy' shoes that aren't stiletto heeled and I tend to not feel very dressed up in chunky heels. Oh, I don't know! There will be no posts from Friday until Sunday, but on Monday there will be lots of photos of the shoes I did wear over the weekend. I actually only have 3 more pairs of shoes to show you that I haven't blogged here...sad I know! Beautiful slingbacks today, heart peep toe, gorgeous oversized bow, stripes and a carved heel all in one shoe! Feud shoes are really made well which I appreciate-very pretty.
Turquoise striped 'Beetroot' slingback by Feud


  1. I love these - they're like the lovechild of 1950s kitsch and 1980s bubblegum shoes x


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