Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Day 1014 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Markus Lupfer cat platform shoes
Shoes: Markus Lupfer cat platforms 

Morning! How are you all this week?  I mentioned I had a treat for you with regards to new shoes and here they are!  You'll perhaps recall way back in September, I styled the blue version and became absolutely besotted with them.  I preferred that colour over the black, though when I came to think of it, the black would probably be more versatile with my wardrobe.  I almost bought the blue ones as I'd been keeping a very watchful eye on them in the sale (and still haven't given up on getting them).  However the black were heavily discounted and after seeing my size sell out, I decided to buy the bigger size when they reached a ridiculous 80% off in the Net-a-Porter sale (now completely sold out-I literally got that last pair).
They're actually not as black as you'd expect, more of a charcoal, deep but soft grey, which is actually very nice.  The platform is gigantic and I do feel like a proper giant when I put them on!  I know the shape is pretty chunky, but I thought they looked huge when I unboxed them and that they wouldn't fit.  Actually though, they aren't too bad.  I probably could have got away with my regular size, though there's not much room in that front section, width-wise, which I'd been worried about beforehand and thought I'd need the larger size for.  The length is where I probably could've gone for my size, because there's just a little extra room at the toe and heel.  I didn't find them slipping off when I took these photos though, so it's not too bad (though I didn't wear them for a prolonged period or do much walking).  My one gripe is, I wished they'd tried to use one piece of leather for the platform, or at least just cut it on the inner side or somewhere less obvious.  You can see the join, NOT a seam (and it ain't that neat) on both the outer and inner (instep) sides of the platform and they made absolutely no effort to pattern match.  I know it's more difficult and costly to cut without joins or seams, but they retailed for £340, I'd expect that from them.  It was something I'd picked up on from the promotional images, so it wasn't a surprise, I just wouldn't have been happy to buy them at full price.  I love the 'cut out' cat design with 'glitter' backing (printed, not actual glitter) and they're certainly quirky.  I've linked to them above in the blue, the cheapest sale price I could see just now.  What do you think, like these kitties?    

Fit:  Not generous in width, but length true to size.  2 1/2" platform and 6" heel. Adjustable buckle fastening on strap (actually has very few holes and even the shortest is quite big for me, so you may need to punch new ones).
Comfort:  I doubt I'd wear these every day, but they felt reasonably 'stable' despite the height.   Markus Lupfer cat platform shoes Wearing Markus Lupfer cat platform sandals


  1. Guh! These shoes really are SO gorgeous! I do love the blue, but I think I'd personally get more wear out of this colour. They are in the top 10 of my most lusted after shoes!!

    1. Thank you! yep, I agree the powder blue are sooo lovely, but I'm not sure what I'd wear them with : )

  2. They are really cute! Wow, how much did they cost then?!x

  3. LOVE love love these shoes. They are so pretty!

  4. Oh, how can I go on without these shoes?!?!


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