Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Charlotte Olympia Monroe Inked

Charlotte Olympia Monroe Inked slingback
Can't seem to get my butt into gear this weekend. I'm always like this after physio though I think. It seems to sap all my creative juices! I bounced around and did some one leg thingies on the gym ball this week. Left me a little 'motion-sick' but maybe a bit of progress, so that's good. Anyway, here is my final, final Valentine outfit. My luxe edition this time.
My outfit centres around these Charlotte Olympia 'Monroe Inked' slingbacks £479. They have a tattoo, nautical theme going on with a sailor hat wearing octopus, skulls, anchors, mermaids and broken hearts. From photos I've seen online from various different stores, it appears the print can vary greatly between each pair (as each stock photo looked different per store). You'll see from the image below the print is a little further on, than the image above for example. No big deal if you are already prepared for it, just don't expect a carbon copy of the one you see online. I'm wearing them with this DSquared red dress with sash detail and under that the Chantelle 'Vendome' lingerie set. After my adorable Les Nereides jewellery finds last week, I actually planned this whole outfit around these heart key and padlock pieces from the brand. I picked the earrings and bracelet, but there's a cute necklace too with a kissing couple sitting on the padlock. I finished the look with this Lulu Guinness lip bag, not a perspex one this time, but still rather lovely. How do you like this look?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Charlotte Olympia Monroe Inked
Worn with: DSquared red dress £361, Chantelle Vendome bra £58 and Vendome shorty £36, Lulu Guinness 'Larger Lips' bag £395 and Les Nereides engraved lock earrings £54 (sale) and engraved lock bracelet £73 (sale).


  1. Lovely outfit. I'd definitely wear these shoes (but in flats). Well done for doing physio, it can be so exhausting.

    1. They'd be cute in flats. I think I'm not used to the talking that comes with physio too (she's always firing questions at me) and just being out in the fresh air and getting dressed is tiring for me.

  2. They look fun although I am not a slingback girl myself.x

    1. Lots of interesting things in the print : )


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