Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Day 1017 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Moschino gummy bear shoes
Shoes: Moschino gummy bear sandals

Ok, so last week I asked which shoes you'd like to see next and the runaway winner was "gummy bears"! So here they are.
To be honest I was a bit late to the party with these. I'd glanced at them when they first came out, thought "cute" and moved onto something else. Then months later I found myself unable to stop thinking about them. They come in plain red satin too, which I adored. They had that old-Hollywood/pin-up feel to them but y'know, gummy bears! I mean who would put jelly sweets on shoes? Actually Charlotte Olympia had a fabulous pair of sandals with gold 'gummy bears' on the t-bar and perspex bear clutches, but it IS an unusual print isn't it? I don't own anything remotely similar and the "acid green" yellowish/green shade is never a colour I gravitate towards, so I knew they'd be unique in my collection. FYI, they are much brighter than they look here.  So I decided to buy the gummy version when I had a discount code and they were already in the sale. Actually I lie, I totally had the red in my basket too, until the last second when I decided that was perhaps a little too extravagant, even with the discount.  I won't talk too much about the buying process, because I'm planning a post on Pink Haired Princess with further information on that and obviously oodles more photos!  I will say, I opted for somewhere that had half sizes as I was unsure which size to get.  My Moschino Cheap & Chic heart peep toes fit fine and are actually on the generous side, but I had these sandals with a fork on them (yeah, they were totally cool), which were so ridiculously narrow, I couldn't even get my foot in.  I decided to go for the 38.5 (a half size bigger) and they're ok.  I probably could've even gone for the 39.  Luckily because they are quite open and the strap is adjustable, there's some leeway there, but I'd recommend at least a half size larger, especially if you're between sizes.  The gathered satin was much stiffer (and larger) than I expected and can be played around with a little, depending if you want a straight 'tuft' upwards or a flatter, scrunched 'rosette'.  What do you think, like these? I'd also like to know which shoes you want next as there's a tie for second place.  So the choices, without revealing the specific shoes, are bunnies, dolls, unicorns or dwarf.  Let me know below.        

Fit: 4 1/4" heel, adjustable buckle on strap.  Narrow in the toe and quite small. I'd suggest a half or full size larger.
Comfort:  I hope they'll be ok, not sure how strong that strap is.  Moschino gummy bear shoes in box Moschino gummy bear sandals Moschino gummy bear print detail


  1. cute! love the shape of the bow and the yellow color!


    1. thank you, not quite sure how I'll style them yet : )

  2. They are really novel and cute! I definitely think that you should do bunnies. I don't like the dolls!x

  3. I love them - such an unusual print.

  4. Replies
    1. Dolls are a good one, but will scare some people I'm sure!

  5. I LOVE these shoes!! They are so sweet (literally;) and cute but still classy. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

    I vote for bunnies :)

    1. Thank you. Ok, another vote for bunnies : )


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