Monday, 9 February 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Carvela Chloe (Gold)

Carvela gold glitter Chloe shoes
Yo dudes, what's the hap? My Dad gets really annoyed when we say that (even my Mum says it), it just seems so much easier than "what is happening Daddy dearest?" y'know? Anyway, back to shoes and super cute glittery ones today.
They are Chloe by Carvela and currently reduced to £39 (from £100) at Secret Sales, so the sale ends in 2 days (i.e. act fast). My look is pretty simple today, with this Untold patterned dress. It comes in a lovely 'bardot' style with a full skirt, but this version is reduced to £48 from £130, the other is still £130. I've added some mega sparkly earrings by Mikey-man I used to looove Mikey jewellery (my sister actually got me a Mikey bracelet for being her bridesmaid) and this Valentino shoulder bag, which you're thinking "Valentino+high end designer=mega expensive" right? It's only £50! You could pay more for 'high street' bags to be honest. The expense in this outfit, comes in the form of this perfume. yep, you read that right, that is not a cuddly toy, but an actual fragrance bottle. Say whaaaaat? It's the new one by Moschino, aptly named 'Toy' and you pull his head off (ouch, poor fluffy wuffy teddy) and there's a spray underneath. Insanely cool and also £80 (for 50ml, though you can use ESCENTUAL5 for £5 off wys £50 on fragrance). Plus I totally saved you loads on the other pieces!! How do you like this look and more to the point, what do you think of that perfume?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Carvela Chloe (Gold)
Worn with: Untold printed dress £48 (sale), Mikey oblong earrings £30, Valentino 'Anita' bag £50 and Moschino Toy fragrance £80 (see discount code above).


  1. I love the dress--the whole thing is very elegant, really. But pop off the bear's head to use perfume inside, I couldn't do it! It's a very cute bear, too.

    1. It does seem quite mean doesn't it? Not sure I'm comfortable with that thought either!

  2. Oh my goodness - these shoes are amazing. Love them! I realise that is all I seem to say in my comments lately.


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