Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Miss KG Candy

Miss KG Candy shoes
I nearly bought these shoes today. I was feeling sad, had a 20% off code and have been eyeing them since last week, but I talked myself out of it. Aren't they totally gorgeous though?
So this is a bit of a long winded story, but you know how a family member was ill last year and I couldn't talk about it (for their privacy)? Well at the same time, my Mums friends, brothers nephew (got that?) who the friend is closer to than the related Uncle is, also happened to be ill with something similar. Both were on the donor list, waiting for a transplant and it was rather freaky that my Mum and her mate were going through it at the same cousin received a donor organ last year and is on the road to recovery (I will maybe write a post about this at some point, but it's difficult because it's not really my story to tell). The other guy though was still waiting, until last week, when we got news he was getting a new heart. Then sadly on Monday, he died. The transplant had been successful, but there were complications afterwards and his life support had to be turned off. I didn't even know him, but knowing his story, was devastated for his family and it definitely makes us realise how close we came to losing my cousin. My Mum happened to mention his name and I was utterly shocked to realise I did actually know him. I went to school with him. I'd known the scenario all along without realising it was somebody I knew. So that's why I've been a bit spacey this week, I just can't get it out of my head and can't stop thinking about his family. To have been through what he had (a heart attack in his 20's) and waiting so long for a new organ, only to die, is just awful. He had a young wife and baby and I just feel for them and his Mum, Dad and brother. I didn't know him well, our paths rarely crossed, but all I can remember is how smiley he was, always smiling or laughing.

Further bad news today when I found out May, a lady I used to work with, has also died. She was 'old', but still sprightly and very much had her wits about her. At work, I used to run to her when I found a big spider in the stock room and she'd always wrap it up in a duster and safely release it outside (when really I wanted her to kill it, so it wouldn't come back)! Even although it's been over a decade since we worked together, I'd see her regularly around the town and she was always asking after me and wishing me well when she saw my Mum. She was the couthy Granny I never had. Anyway, I know none of it has any relevance to you as you don't know who I'm talking about, but I just wanted to tell someone and you are that someone. So yeah, life can be some unfair, sucky shit sometimes and to nice people too : ( It doesn't quite seem right to move onto shoes now, but that's what you've come here to see.  I reckon I would've been justified in buying these today to cheer myself up, though they wouldn't help the situation, so I didn't. They are Miss KG Candy £75 and don't they have a Sophia Webster vibe about them? Pastel coloured leopard print uppers, with a pink heel and big violet bauble on the front. I love them. I did throw this look together quite quickly, but I think it works. The poodle jumper is a really cute find and I've been trying to slot it into an outfit for weeks now. I also love the monster phone cover, grrr. How do you like this look?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Miss KG Candy
Worn with:  David Emanuel tailored dress coat £40 and novelty poodle jumper £20 both Bonmarche, Peacocks skinny jeans (dark blue) £14, BooHoo 'Lois' white fluffy scarf £10 (sale), iPhone 5S free handset/£46.99 p/month and ASOS polka dot monster iPhone case £10.   


  1. Oh I AM sorry, I can understand you being a bit spaced out about it- it does bring mortality home to you when it is close to home. I am glad it worked out for your cousin though. Sending you many hugs. Well done on not buying the shoes, even though they have a wonderful Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon feel to them!x

  2. Oh wow, I love the poodle jumper and the shoes. I'm so sorry to hear about the news, though. My best friend's grandad died suddenly yesterday as well, and she's understandably devastated, I feel totally useless as I don't know what to say to bring her any comfort.

    1. I could see you in that jumper. Oh what a shame. Argh, it's hard, there's nothing you can say really. My mate lost both her parents (at separate times) and it was really difficult to know what to say. You just have to be there I guess.


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