Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Day 1012 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing Irregular Choice True Boo black boots
Shoes: Black 'True Boo' Irregular Choice 

You saw these boots a couple of weeks ago here, so I won't repeat myself with the same photos, but actually these are the size-up and I have a rare outfit post for you.  Oh and in the background of the above photo is what will become my shoe-room!  It's pretty much empty, carpet has gone, walls ready to paint.  Any colour suggestions? My cabinets will be white.  
So I had physio last week, the first time since before Christmas.  I was also to make a phone appointment with the doctor, but seeing as they are both in the same hospital, I decided I'd just pop down to see him afterwards.  Bad idea! Physio finished early and the doctor was running really late, so I had to spend over an hour in the waiting room in my uncomfortable wheelchair, shattered after the physio had put me through my paces!  I was very sore and nearly sleeping.  It was freezing that day, so I wore a vest top, this top (which already has a slip underneath), thick leggings, a cardigan, my coat, two scarves, a hat, long lined, leather gloves, socks, these boots and a huge fluffy blanket on my lap! Brrr!  This top is fast becoming my 'physio top' (now out of stock).  It doesn't photograph that well, but I'm so comfortable in it.  It's got a sheer back, tight (and cosy) jersey sleeves and an almost silk like front.  Yes, it's looser than I'd usually wear, but for the gym, I can't exactly wear my old clothes!  The leggings, I've already raved about, love them to bits.  My boots are much comfier in the bigger size, they 'just' fit too.  Everyone still fussed over them, even without a 'character heel' and I was aware of this woman in the waiting room who sat opposite and kept staring at my feet.  After a good 5 minutes, over she came and asked to look at my boots.  "I bet you don't get anyone being so brass necked as to do this?" she asked...erm you'd be surprised, I thought!  Then to my astonishment, she walked out of the hospital.  She wasn't even waiting to see anyone, she'd literally sat down just to ogle my shoes!  I'm glad I cheered someone up!  Do you like these boots?  Oh and the physio didn't 'dump me' like I thought (though it was on the tip of her tongue), so I guess I'll get a little more wear out of my 'gym clothes'!  

Wearing:  Wallis Live Unlimited paisley leggings and black sheer drop hem top (sold out).
Fit: Quite tight across the foot, leg fine. After trying my usual size, I realised I'd be much more comfortable in the size-up.  There's very little room, even in that size. Just under 4" heel, full length zip.
Comfort: This is such an easy heel to wear, not too high and not thin and the velvet lining is cosy. wearing Wallis Live Unlimited sheer black drop hem top wearing Wallis Live Unlimited sheer black drop hem top and paisley leggings back view wearing Wallis Live Unlimited sheer black drop hem top


  1. Love the boots - really cute!

  2. Yay, outfit shot! I wish these came in a lower heel- I really would buy a pair (if not too expensive!) x

    1. I have another outfit shot for next week-trip to the dentist this time! I love this heel, a nice break for me from the higher ones I have.


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