Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Tea Leaf

Irregular Choice Tea Leaf shoes
You have no idea how long I've spent on this outfit. Well, I can tell you. Almost an entire week! That's correct, 6 and a bit days moving, deleting, swapping, switching, adding, tearing my hair get the idea. Sometimes I reckon I just over-think things. I was so excited about the shoes, because well they're new season Irregular Choice, so what's not exciting about that?
They are called Tea Leaf £96 and feature my favourite perspex heel, with patterned fabric uppers and a suede frilled, fan shape at the front. Very art-deco and all round lovely. So then it fell apart after that. I mean it's silly really, because I'm convinced I'd have no problem styling them in real life (not exactly like I'm lacking in similar IC styles), yet on paper it just wouldn't quite work. That said, there's actually a lot of colours that work well with the shoes (probably because they have so many shades in them) and my original ideas involved deep magenta and a dark (not quite navy) blue. I've been in and out of my Polyvore account every day, trying to make it work and despairing when it wouldn't.  It got to the point, I was dreading logging in and I really had to force myself to do so today and fix it once and for all or else scrap it entirely. I spent a while moving things around, adding bits, then somehow this pastel outfit just came together and I deleted all my other plans. I probably put this look together in under two minutes. After the 6 and a bit days of course! It's absolutely nothing like my originals, both of which were formal dresses, then came the skirt combos, the sky blue coat...and in the end I plump for jeans and a T? Yeah it happens sometimes. I do love the "I'm really a mermaid" t-shirt for obvious reasons and this fluffy coat lent itself well to the shoes and top (plus it's a total bargain). I've been wanting to use this 'unicorn spotting' iPad case in a set for a while now (such a cute notion and now I totally want an iPad purely for this cover) and seeing as I struggle to separate my love for mermaids and unicorns (don't make me choose), I included it here. The bag isn't totally me, but I liked it (and the hat) with this look.  What do you think?  Please say it's the best thing you've ever seen, so I don't cry I can get some sleep tonight! The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Tea Leaf
Worn with: Select mint teddy fur jacket £13 (and to get an extra 10% off sale coats and knitwear, enter code WINTER10), Truffle Shuffle 'I'm Really A Mermaid' t-shirt £21.99 , MOTO bleach authentic ripped jeans £45, Topshop suede tassel hobo bag £65 and wide brim fedora hat £28 and ASOS 'unicorn spotting' iPad case £18.


  1. It's really cute and the shoes are just lovely!x

    1. They are! Very excited for the new stuff, see some lovely bits in the previews.


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