Sunday, 1 September 2013

Day 925 - I Am Swimming In An Ocean All Alone

Shoes: Pink 'Got The Hump' Dan Sullivan 

I had the hygienist on Thursday (ooh the excitement), so got 'properly' dressed.  Safe to say these shoes went down a treat and were the topic of much of the conversation (why do they insist on yapping when you've got your mouth full with their hands etc?).  My dentist has just relocated to the local hospital, so I felt all out of sorts in the new environment.  It's so clinical and not at all homely like it used to be.  No doubt I'll get used to it as I seem to be there often enough!  Between blog stuff (ugh to editing photos) and boring home stuff (preparing for renovations on our house), I've been so busy this week and really feel like it's catching up to me.  I've been absolutely shattered and so so tired.  I'm not sleeping very well (not helped that we 'lost' a spider next to my bed a few nights ago), so I feel like I just need some time to chill, but there is no time for that unfortunately!  Anyway Thursday was the last time I got dressed, which is usually an indication my life is getting stressy.  Does anyone else feel like it suddenly turned into winter too?  X-Factor on TV last night, festive sweets now in shops (I kid you not) and we're seriously considering putting the heating on (yeah it's getting cold).  On that depressing thought, I'll leave you with peep toes and summer colours, brrrr!

Wearing:  Floral dress Red Herring at Debenhams, cardigan Bonmarche, leggings Primark, pink floral charming bag Love Moschino, lipstick brooch Miss Selfridge, pink fox ring gift, peacock ring River Island.
Fit: True to size. 6" heel and 1 1/2" platform.
Comfort: No issues with these.


  1. Oh I really so love these mum has just bought a camel shaped bag haha.
    Hope you manage to sleep better soon! Don't worry about the spider, he's probably long gone. Xx

    1. Ah how cool! Thanks, keep telling myself that, although I'm convinced he'll appear one day!

  2. Fabulous shoes and you look divine!

  3. I REALLY would like to borrow your lipstick pin. I kinda need it? By the way, can I have it? Just saying... <33

    1. Heehee, I have a pen exactly the same and so have to avoid using the wrong one to write and pinning on the pen!


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