Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Day 931 - Let The Rain Wash Away All The Pain Of Yesterday

Shoes: Pink 'Bambino' Irregular Choice 

Like I said here my favourite look for now is bare legs, with boots or shoes and little socks.  It's usually my feet that get cold, rather than my legs and I'm not into tights yet (although can see it coming sooner than I thought), so it works quite well for me.  I know some people hate socks with shoes, but I really think it depends on the shoes, the socks, the whole outfit and who's wearing it.  I'm hoping I can pull it off (do I?), but maybe some will disagree!  I adore these shoes, but have to admit, it's as high as I'll go without a platform.  They are killer! Sometimes they're alright, other times within a couple of minutes your arches are aching and your foot just freezes and gives up wanting to move.  I did buy them in two colours though and have two other courts of the same shape, so I must have been prepared to live with the pain or else didn't think they were too bad!  Stay tuned as I have my outfit from yesterday coming up after this.      

Wearing:  Navy polka dot midi dress and swallow cardigan Dorothy Perkins, boat scarf Primark.  
Fit: Small fitting but no need to size up, although you may need to cut a longer button-hole as I did. 5" heel.
Comfort: Ok-ish, not for long periods of time.


  1. You so can pull off socks with shoes :) looks awesome! x

  2. I like the look but it's something that I don't feel I can pull off myself. (Plus the fact that all of me gets cold:) )

    1. Heehee, yeah not sure I'd brave it this week, feels colder x


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