Saturday, 14 September 2013

Day 929 - I'll Carry You, When You Need A Friend

Shoes: Floral tapestry 'Ablaze' ASOS 

I am so ridiculously behind with posts here this week. The plus side of that is, I'm able to edit them and post them as frequently as is possible now and with it supposed to rain over the next two days, I'll hopefully get caught up. There's some good ones to come and this one is from Tuesday. Mum and I went shopping, not for anything exciting, just to get out. I came home with a black cardigan and some cat leggings for my friends little girl!  I'm able to accept summer is over, but I'm still a little tentative of rushing into winter tights and coats and things! This is my 'transitional' look (gosh I kinda hate that phrase), of bare legs with boots and socks. It worked well that day and actually I wore another variation of it today.  I have to mention my gold manicure ring here (not to be confused with a 'nail ring' which I used to have loads of-fyi a 'pierced' nail really freaks people out for some reason); anyway I've had this snake one for a couple of years and almost completely forgot about it.  It fits my pinky perfectly and felt very secure, it's definitely my favourite thing right now.

Wearing:  Black midi dress and waterfall cardigan Primark, lace socks gift, frog ring and skull pearl necklace Miss Selfridge, manicure ring New Look, mouse ring Accessorize, other rings my Grannys, nude quilted bag Love Moschino.
Fit: True to size, 5 3/4" heel and 1 1/4" platform, lace-up front.
Comfort: Very comfortable and a nice steady base to walk on.


  1. Wow, your nails are a work of art!!! I'm finally getting used to a wedding ring so I am in awe of your collection! X

  2. I adore your whole look (the shoes - jealous a bit, should have gotten those; that bag - gorgeous, the rings and necklace - so pretty)!

    My transitional look (as you can see in my last post) is definitely more layers! And thick thick sweaters. And tights already. I've already been wearing my thick tights and am starting to get scared I might not survive the winter :)

    1. Thank you! Argh, no to tights! It was freezing today though, so it'll come soon enough here too!


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