Friday, 13 September 2013

Day 928 - Shouldn't Let You Conquer Me Completely

Shoes: Black spot 'Chuckles' Irregular Choice 

Been slammed this week, so I apologise for the lack of posts and delay in getting this outfit up. I'd been teasing you with the makeup on facebook, but last night finished that post, which you can see here. Obviously the makeup wasn't a regular thing, but for Monster High Monday! I was fully prepared to wear it outside though, maybe sneaking on some sunglasses, however I got rained off! Annoying, after spending so much time getting ready! I was disappointed too because I was wearing my gnome heels for the first time. The day started off sunny and lovely, but got more and more dull as it progressed. I'd had to go out and take some photos of our house before the renovations start and so I wore the shoes for literally two minutes, then it started chucking it down and I retreated inside. I'll pop some more photos of these shoes up on my Facebook page later.  

Wearing:  Turquoise floral dress Dorothy Perkins, black leggings Primark, black cardigan Bonmarche.  
Fit:  Very small and tight fitting, so I sized up.  4 1/2" heel, velcro strap fastening.
Comfort:  Once I'd stretched them a bit with thick socks, they feel quite comfortable now, although I haven't worn them for a lengthy period.   


  1. That dress is so pretty. The gnomes still freak me out a bit, though. I blame a weird book I vaguely remember as a kid.

    1. Thank you, dress is quite old. I'm not freaked out by gnomes, but not really a fan either. Just like the unique and unusual-ness of the heel!

  2. Love your blog & these. Any chance you're a size 6 and fancy selling to an Edinburgh lass. Gardener so these are perfect. Tried to get a pair but sold out before I could manage.

    1. Heehee, sorry no, not thinking of selling these ever. Office do have the shoe-boot style 'Bashful Brenda' in stock in a size 6 here with the gnome heel.


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