Saturday, 28 September 2013

Day 936 - Every Time You Call Him, All You Get's A Busy Tone

Shoes: Black 'Regent' Vivienne Westwood 

I'm still resisting wearing a coat and wondered if I might be able to wear this jumper to keep me cosy, when I went shopping the other day. I'm definitely not a jumper or chunky knitwear wearing person, so it was important I found a way to make it work within my style. I definitely managed it with this outfit and was surprised at how well it worked actually. This dress is a favourite of mine and it's that strong, sexy silhouette that makes it so great. So I worried that taking that away or partly covering it up would take it from hot to frumpy. The jumper does disguise the fitted waist, but because I put a belt around it and the hips of the dress are exaggerated it seemed to work. The necklines both mirrored one another too, so the dress wasn't exposed and just looked like a skirt. I've lost a little weight recently, so the dress is roomy on me especially around the hip region, but I was really comfortable in this and would definitely try another variation of it some time.  My toes were aching in these shoes though, they just went numb after a while!

Wearing: Floral wiggle dress and unicorn jumper ASOS, belt taken from another dress, vintage handbag, midi and emerald rings my Granny's, rabbit and pig rings Topshop, snake manicure ring New Look and snake pearl ring Miss Selfridge.
Fit: Snug fit, but I stuck to my usual size. Heel just under 4 1/2"
Comfort: Squished and numb toes after a while.


  1. Love the dress and jumper together! You look gorgeous. Love the shoes too, too bad they pinch:// (Oh and because obviously I didn't love enough of this outfit before, I have to add that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that piggy ring!)

    1. Thank you! I wish I could've got you one of those rings because it is sooo cute.


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