Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Day 861 - You’re Kissing Her, When My Head Is Turned

Shoes: Floral 'Abigail's' Party Irregular Choice 

Well here is the new hair colour! I didn't have much time for taking photos or getting ready yesterday before I left for the dental hospital, so I'll probably have better pictures later in the week. The flash in the camera isn't portraying an exact colour match but cameras are notorious for picking up bright purple as blue and this is as close as I could get. It's very vivid, perhaps a little lighter and brighter than Cadbury-purple, with sporadic silver streaks. Totally intentional. Not! I like it, I'm not sure if it will wash out quickly though. Here's hoping not, although I wouldn't mind if it went lighter. The dental hospital was a bit of a flop, I was finding out how the problem area had progressed and had completely psyched myself up for surgery. I sat in the chair for literally 30 seconds (and was out before my appointment was even supposed to have started) and she told me it was still bleeding, no improvement, but she has no idea how to get into to it (it's my very back, bottom tooth), so surgery is out of the question. Wha? All the months (well actually a year) of constant visits, all the extra brushes etc I've had to buy and all the painful procedures and now they are happy to leave it to fester because I'm the first person on the planet to get an issue up the back of my mouth? I was part relieved and part angry that had the problem been elsewhere they'd have been straight in there to work out the cause (they've not held back on telling me how serious it is), but are ignoring this because of something that surely someone has encountered and worked around before? They do keep telling me how far back my wisdom tooth is at that side so maybe I do have an unusually large mouth!

Wearing: Cartoon girl dress H By Henry Holland, leggings Primark, pig and rabbit rings Topshop, frog ring Miss Selfridge, flower and frog ring Evans, nude quilted bag Love Moschino, floral comb Yama Yama Pretty Mama.
Fit: My original pair fit fine, my two bunny pairs are a little tight, these are a size larger than I usually take and are a more comfortable fit. Heel just over 4".
Comfort: No issues with these and easy to walk in.


  1. You look gorgeous as always! Just looked at the link for your dress and it would never have caught my eye, but the complete look on you is great. I presume that you bleach your hair before colouring? I had a small coloured section at the front of mine and the upkeep really got on my nerves so ended up go in rather bog standard due to my laziness x

    1. Thank you. I was the same with the dress, it wasn't until I read the description that i realised it could have a great print and looked more closely! It's a dead ringer for the Moschino print with little faces all over it which is an added bonus!

      Yeah I bleach usually just the regrowth each time, but because I was going for a different colour, I bleached the whole lot. There was still a little pastel green left in the ends once it had been bleached. I loved being lilac but the upkeep of that was horrendous, it needed recoloured weekly or 2 weekly at most. Before this I had it a deep blue shade and that turns turquoise then eventually green and the last time I did that was the middle of January so that was great!

  2. Love the new color! I hope it is long lasting :)

    1. me too, I quite like it! I just chucked three shades of dye together so not sure if I can do the same next time!


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