Monday, 15 April 2013

Day 860 - I Can Feel The Magic Floating In The Air

Shoes: Blue tartan 'Heather' Irregular Choice 

Hello! Spring is here or at least I hope it is. Saturday (this outfit) was a lovely day and I went out without a coat, wowee! After such a strange 'winter' any bit of sun is appreciated and I'm trying to take advantage of it where possible. I was colouring my hair at the weekend (first time since mid-January believe it or not), so prepped on Friday with a nice hot shower and a haircut including a micro-fringe Suri Cruise would be proud of! I bleached my hair after these pics, then did the colour on Sunday. I tried something different from a mixture of bottles I had lying around rather than buying new dye. I had the dental hospital today so have been busy with that, but hopefully tomorrow I shall unveil the new colour!

Wearing: Polka dot midi-dress and swallow cardigan Dorothy Perkins, navy fishnet tights House of Holland, boat print scarf Primark, Minimal Baroque sunglasses Prada.
Fit: Slightly roomy in my regular size. 4" heel.
Comfort: No issues with these.


  1. Oh wow! Those shoes are so ridiculously cute! :D

    Connie from SBC

  2. I like the fringe. It was so nice to get a bit of sun, it really helps with the aches & pains when it warms up ;0)

    1. I think I'm starting to suffer from SAD, serious lack of daylight this looong winter!

  3. Ahh i love the hair, the new fringe is so cute. I need to get around to getting mine cut for the first time in forever!

    1. it grows so fast, granted I haven't trimmed the fringe for a month or two!


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