Friday, 5 April 2013

Day 855 - And I Don't Even Know His Last Name

Shoes: Black 'Eternity' KG by Kurt Geiger 

I like dresses that you can wear no matter what the season.  Ok, so this one is very lightweight and floaty and possibly wouldn't keep you very warm on the coldest day, but it still has that transitional quality where it doesn't have to be worn just "one way" i.e. bare legged in the heat.  Had it not had the large sash around the middle I'd have probably put on a black belt to break up the block of lilac too.  One thing though, it was very tight across the chest...think someone has been eating too many easter eggs since last summer!  It was so sunny yesterday that I left the house actually feeling quite wintry with my black tights and shoes!  You can never win in this weather.

Wearing:  Lilac polka dot midi dress Dorothy Perkins, black cardigan Bonmarche, tights and pearl hair bow Primark, Mischief sunglasses Irregular Choice.
Fit: 5" heel, 3/4" concealed platform, snug fit but opt for your regular size.
Comfort: Quite a hard shoe and a little achy after a while, but easy to walk in.  


  1. Oh that dress is so lovely, I wanted it for a while, but didn't manage to find it in my size. I love (and have only just noticed) your little icon thing at the top of my tab, Flopsy heels yay!:)

    1. haha, yeah decided to change it : ) I loooove this dress, have it in navy too, bought it whenever it came out.

  2. They're really nice! When I was looking for wedding shoes the other day, I contemplated a pair of KGs but not available in my size sadly (sale!) I have that DP dress in the peachy colour and I wore it today (for Style imitating art blog thingie!) How funny, you wore yours too- I haven't worn it since last summer!x

    1. Ah how freaky, yes I haven't worn mine since last year either. It's such a simple but pretty dress. Glad to hear the wedding planning is going well and you've got some shoes on their way (saw on Chars blog)!!


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