Sunday, 30 December 2012

Day 786 - It Was A Long And Dark December

Shoes: Gunmetal glitter 'Attack' Carvela 

Hello! This is my last 'backlog' post; it's my 'Boxing Day' outfit and I've had jammie days ever since! Terrible I know! I've not been outdoors since Christmas Eve! Anyway, I've had this dress for ages, but never really had an occasion to wear it.  Bold red isn't a colour I usually wear, so it's a little outside my comfort zone.  The dress itself has a rather strange fit I think; The 18 was miles too big, the 14 was far too tight in the skirt and a little tight in the bust, the 16 (which I'm wearing) is still quite big.  I just wish the shape was a little less fussy, like the 'Betty' dresses, because there's too much gaping fabric and strange little folds and tucks going on.  The shoulders and sleeves are really massive, as is around the waist (although not after all I ate on Boxing Day), so I think I need to play around with the sleeves especially and sort them out (which means it goes on the 'must fix' pile that I'll ignore all year)!  I like the shoulder embellishment and the length is pretty and I actually think the colour is a pleasant change for me.  Of course my glitter Carvela shoes were just screaming to be worn with this dress, even if I had just worn them a couple of days earlier! I think I've now managed to wear them with bare legs, tights and leggings, so they're proving rather versatile.  Hope you all have a happy new year, if we don't speak before then x

Wearing: Red 'Joan' dress Swan by Clements Ribeiro, belt gift, panda ring and flower ring Jon Richard at Debenhams,spike ear cuff ASOS, clip earrings Debenhams, flower hair clip gift.
Fit: Run narrow, but I felt the next size up were gaping in places, so stuck to my regular size. 4 3/4" heel.
Comfort: Can crush your toes after a while.


  1. Oh those shoes are gorgeous! I love reading your blog :)

    1. thank you; I had a lot of trouble purchasing them, but they've been well worn since!

  2. /Saw the glitter shoes in your banner and had to go searching for them. lol. I'm hopeless. The lipstick is fabulous.

    1. haha, what are you like?! Love these glitter babies x


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