Monday, 10 December 2012

Day 774 - Haters Can Make Like Bees With No Stingers

Shoes: Leopard print 'Edna' Irregular Choice 

Time got away from me today and it was later than usual until I made it out for my walk.  4pm and it was practically dark as you can see from my last pic (and this was taken directly under a lamp-post)!  I hate the lack of daylight during winter, I think I'm actually starting to suffer from SAD!  I love this dress though, I wore it loads last winter as it's so versatile.   This time I decided to pair it with mustard tights (fleece lined for the cold) and saw these shoes sitting out and decided to wear them when the weather allowed!

Wearing:  Star print dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, belt gift, fur hat, mustard tights and coat Primark, unicorn brooch on hat Miss Selfridge.
Fit: A little snug, but I wouldn't size up personally. Just over 4" heel.
Comfort: No issues.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! May I ask what you're wearing on your lips? X x

    1. My new fave nude lip combo! Just got them today; ELF lipstick in Nostalgic with ELF Studio Glossy Gloss in Ballet Slippers.

  2. You are wearing my favourite dress EVER. I also wear it to death-feel so feminine in it. I like that you paired it with coloured tights-am going to nick that idea!

    1. I find it doesn't look much in photos, but when you put it on, it makes you feel awesome! Yeah the mustard really brings out the gold stars ; )


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