Sunday, 23 December 2012

Day 783 - Muscle Cars Drove A Truck Right Through My Heart

Shoes: Pink glitter courts RedValentino 

I've really been feeling like poo these past couple of days. First of all we've had non-stop, torrential rain and flooding, so I've been unable to get out. Everything has been getting on top of me and I've really not been looking after myself and trying to do too much, which resulted in the mother of all killer headaches yesterday. I was convinced I was dying and quite frankly didn't care, because it hurt so much. I've got a ton of other health issues and I'm stressing about a really expensive eBay package I sent which has possibly gone missing-I'm a worrier and can't help it! I spent most of the day in bed and even with paracetamol and tiger balm, I couldn't shift the migraine. Anyway today I had a nice long shower, tided my room up a bit, wrapped the final lot of Christmas presents and felt much better. I still feel weak, but thankfully the headache has gone. So I thought I'd photograph these shoes, even if I didn't get dressed or go out.  Sadly the shoes are on their way to being returned. I just decided I can't afford to keep them (money-another stress), even with the 40% off discount I had.  Plus they didn't feel quite as special as I'd hoped once they arrived. Willpower-go me!

Wearing: No outfit.
Fit: A little narrow.  Forgot to measure heel, but think it was around 4 1/4".
Comfort:  Quite 'hard', would maybe require 'breaking in'.


  1. So sad that you had to send these back, as they certainly look gorgeous in the pics! I really should keep my eye on that website more, as you seem to snag up a lot of pretties there lately!

    1. I felt it was over-indulgent of me and had a panic afterwards that I'd left myself with absolutely no money! The refund can't come quick enough right now! They were pretty though.

  2. Hope you managed to get your eBay parcel sorted. I can totally empathise with the whole "being a worrier" situation, I'm the same! Xx

    1. Thankfully after opening a missing parcel claim, it turned up a couple of days later. The buyer was getting really annoyed with me, even although I was doing everything in my power to help her; think she actually expected me to buy a ticket to Poland and roam the streets looking for it!


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