Friday, 21 December 2012

Day 782 - Spotlights Don't Do You Justice Baby

Shoes: Black knee high boots 'Jupiter' Irregular Choice 

I didn't expect to fall in love with this dress, in fact I didn't pay much attention to it at all when it first came out.  Then I noticed a couple of people wearing it on their blogs and decided it was really pretty, so recently ordered it along with the pansy 'Betty' dress I'd wanted so much.  Turns out, when you slip this dress on, it just feels so good.  It's comfortable and flattering and I've really fallen in love with it.  I wasn't sold on the print at first either (I'm usually a floral or spots or lace person) and I thought the shimmering gold threading throughout was a little much, but it's really lovely.  There's also cute little lace inserts on the shoulders.  Like I'd mentioned, I had an early start yesterday, so the majority of photos I took had to be deleted because my eyes were almost shut in them (it was rather amusing).  As expected it was lashing with rain the entire day, so I dressed weather appropriately (as sensible and 'rain-proof' as my shoes get) and was all bundled up with coat, gloves, hat and scarf too!

Wearing: 'Celia' dress Swan by Clements Ribeiro, flying pig necklace gift.
Fit: True to size (although I opted for a size up purely for leg room) but the foot is a little large on me. Full length zip. Heel just over 4 1/4" and small concealed platform.
Comfort: No issues.


  1. I have the same piggy mecklace :)) love the dress btw!

    I wish I was in a better mode to be all cheer-y but Asos has given me a hard time ( hope things are all jolly over on your end, xo, msveve

  2. Ah how cool. I actually thought of you when I put it on, because I know you love piggies too! I think my parents brought it back from Madeira for me : )

  3. Ive not worn tall boots and a dress for ages, you've inspired me to dig my boots out :D

    1. Do you not have gorgeous suede VW boots? Think I recall seeing them in your shoe collection pics...they would look great ; )


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