Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Day 748 - We're Heading For Something

Shoes: Pewter glitter 'Gosford' Topshop 

I took another little break from posting here this weekend; it was the usual story- eBaying and staying in my jammies! I did go out yesterday but hadn't had time to post the outfit until today. I've been struggling with this post actually because I've been suffering from really bad migraines almost every day (aside from y'day) for weeks now. It makes working on the computer very difficult (I feel like I could vomit right now) and the last thing I've wanted to do is sit and edit images (which I find pretty boring at the best of times)! There's nothing I can do or take for the migraines as it's incompatible with my other medication, so I just have to suffer and to be honest even if I didn't work and just lay in a dark room, it would still hurt, so I'm best to just get on with things and save myself a backlog of posts! Anyhoo, I felt like sparkles yesterday; it was a dull day, so twinkling toes cheered me up. I did snag my lovely tights though, where the glitter has rubbed...annoying!

Wearing: Black shift dress and polka dot coat Primark, black star tights Henry Holland.
Fit: True to size, bit of a fiddly buckle. Heel 4 3/4".
Comfort: Other than messing my tights up, no issues.


  1. Sorry to hear you are not well - horrid mean headaches be gone! Those shoes and tights are awesome though!


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