Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day 694 - Would You Lie With Me And Just Forget The World?

Shoes: Cat Tapestry 'Lita' Jeffrey Campbell 

Our household is a nightmare just now. We're gearing up for a lot of building work, which brings with it oodles of disruption. My sister is going to be left without a bedroom while the work is ongoing, so all her belongings have to be packed up and stored somewhere (along with her!). There isn't room to swing a cat in our house as it is (isn't that a rather yucky saying?), so because she's off this week we've been doing our best to clear-out. When I came back home to live 10 years ago, my parents built a shed to house the stuff I'd accumulated over 4 years (!) and so this has been the task this week (as the shed has to be demolished). On the whole it's been pretty terrible. I'm a hoarder and I find it very difficult to get rid of things and it's usually the most used, tatty belongings that I love and the decent, pristine stuff doesn't mean much to me! At first it was old shoes, then came childhood toys including my beloved Sindy dolls and house/furniture (sadly the dolls have gone mouldy of sorts, but I can't part with them), today was clothes of sentimental value and all the work for my Uni dissertation 10 years ago! Long story short, I haven't had time to blog all week and it may be sporadic over the next wee while. I was almost going crazy by Tuesday though, so had to get out, even if it was just for my usual 5 minute walk. It was so nice to get out of my jammies and properly dressed for once. I have another post from yesterday, but not sure when I'll get that up as I've not even looked at the pictures yet.

Wearing: Coral lace dress George at Asda, belt taken from another dress, Pearl cardigan Dorothy Perkins, pearl collar necklace Primark, cream ankle socks H&M, highbrow sunglasses ASOS.
Fit: I bought these from Office so they are EU/UK sized (38/5) and fit true to size. Just under 5" heel and 1 3/4" platform.
Comfort: Didn't have any issues with these.


  1. adore this outfit. The shoes are so beautiful!


  2. I love how you always have the same style aesthetic in every outfit. Also I want your jewelry collection

  3. this is my absolute favourite outfit from your blog - love it! esp the cat litas!

  4. thanks Victoria!

    Emma Lilly-thank you-I hope it's not boring though! I probably used to wear more of a variety of styles, but I suppose some of the things I wore back then, I can't wear now, because I'd either look terrible or they don't make them in bigger sizes!

    Thanks Leanne, that means a lot, as I was a little unsure of wearing the heavy boots with a lace dress.


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