Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day 708 - Just Another Player In Your Game For Two

Shoes: Blue suede and floral 'Bambino' Irregular Choice 

As you'll maybe know, I've had to go to the dental hospital a lot recently and yesterday saw the first of my appointments where I was actually getting something done! I have to go every week for a month, yay for me (!) and have been worrying about it but actually it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It was unpleasant but not painful and I hardly felt the needle going in which was a bonus. I thought I'd wear super-crazy shoes to keep me distracted and usually opt for Irregular Choice at my regular dentist because the nurse likes to see the soles when I'm sitting in the chair! At the hospital the chair faces a wall though and the staff don't know me so personally, so there was no shoe chat or checking the pattern on the soles! There were tonnes of students there who were all just starting term (not actually in the room with me), so they seemed rather amused/gobsmacked by my hair and/or outfit, which was amusing. I must remember next time though to make sure I have decent photos before leaving the house, so I can avoid swollen, half squint smile portraits like the two below, no prizes for guessing the before and afters!

Wearing: Floral dress Red Herring and flower hair clips also Debenhams, leggings and sunglasses Primark, cardigan Be Beau at Matalan, belt taken from another dress, fox ring gift, rabbit and frog rings Miss Selfridge, bird brooch (from a set) Accessorize.
Fit: Small fitting but no need to size up, although you may need to cut a longer button-hole as I did. 5" heel. 
Comfort: I wore these for hours with no problems, although I know not everyone will find them easy to walk in.


  1. Lovely lovely outfit, I would love a pair of these shoes! :) xx

  2. thanks, don't think I've ever worn the blue pair, but my pink ones have been worn lots!

  3. Those shoes are crazy yet awesome and the rings look very Butler and Wilson!

  4. thank you Victoria, yeah the fox is especially super sparkly in the sunlight : )

  5. can't wait to be on heels again in some months (broke my foot this spring...) your amazing collection of shoes is so inspiring...


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