Thursday, 23 August 2012

Day 706 - If I Could Wear Your Clothes I'd Pretend I Was You

Shoes: Black peep toes with metal heel Marios Schwab for Scorah Pattullo 

You can't really tell from these pictures, but google 'Red Fraggle' and this is totally how I had my hair today! Maybe a bit childish for a woman in her 30's, although no more than yesterdays frilly ankle socks with sandals combo!  I tried another somewhat different approach to dressing today wearing my parrot maxi dress with parrot leggings.  They are almost identical prints but in different colours.  I felt a little like I was wearing my jammies outside, which was both fun and stupid! The dress has a wrapover and dipped hem, so when you're walking and especially in the wind, it splits open (from the hips) and flares out like a cape behind you, so my leggings were definitely more on show outside! I'm not sure if I love this look or was certainly comfortable though!

Wearing: Parrot print maxi dress Dorothy Perkins, parrot leggings H by Henry Holland, cardigan Be Beau at Matalan, Mischief sunglasses Irregular Choice.
Fit: True to size, quite narrow at toe, 4 1/4" fabulous metal heel.
Comfort: Easy to walk in but squish your toes a little.


  1. I have a playsuit that has a very similar parrot pattern!

    Those sunglasses are adorable =]

    Also, I am intrigued by the heel of those shoes! Very nice =]

    Lee x

  2. yeah fab heels, just a metal structure with no filling!


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