Friday, 17 August 2012

Day 700 - I Got It Locked Up Like Lindsay Lohan

Shoes: Mint green courts with stitching detail Alexander McQueen 

Erm wowzers, today we hit Day 700!! How mega is that?  I've had a bit of a disruptive week-I hadn't been outdoors since last Tuesday and was starting to get agitated, so got all dressed up and ready to go out this Tuesday, only for the heavens to open with one of the worst downpours I've seen in a long time (and we've seen a lot lately)! This time complete with thunder, which I secretly find rather exciting!  So that day was a total waste of makeup!  Wednesday was rain again, Thursday was thankfully dry and here's the outfit.  It was actually boiling yesterday and I'm not very good in the heat, even if I was only out for 5 minutes.  I continued with my designer shoe spree (not actually intentionally); the perfect pastel addition to this gorgeous dress.  Now I'm not really a flag waving, bunting hanging, 'proud to be British' type of person (no, not even after the Olympics), but this dress is totally something I could get behind.  I love kooky prints with landmarks and this one has London's finest (I love me some London).  I managed to snag it in the sale after drooling over it full-price and then stalking the website once it had sold out until I found a random size 16.  I kinda wish it didn't have the little sequins on it as I feel it doesn't need it, but it's got a lovely full skirt and I like the retro detailing to the bodice.  I'm guessing the light was playing tricks with my one brown/one white leg in the full-length shot, rather funny I think!

Wearing:  Jubilee dress River Island, black cardigan Be Beau at Matalan, straw hat Miss Selfridge, belt taken from another dress, 'Mischief' sunglasses Irregular Choice.
Fit: Run quite large, heel 4 1/4".
Comfort: No issues with these.


  1. love the dress (looks so vintage)and those shoes ...

    thank you so much for the bunch of commnets on my blog! :)


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