Monday, 30 April 2012

Day 639 - I Don't Know Where My Soul Is

Shoes: Black 'Long Lashes' Irregular Choice 

Back into my winter boots-I can't believe it!  I had on my gloves and scarf too and have been rubbing my hands together for warmth all day!  I forgot how much of a work-out for the legs these boots are.  They are big in the heel, but I tend to just let it slip off that little bit when walking, rather than straining and curling my toes trying to keep them on.  The base is strange; rounded and it's not like you're going to fall over in them, but they certainly change your walking style.  I just let them do what they want to do and don't try to change it, it's easier that way.

Wearing:  Floral dress H by Henry Holland, black leggings and cardigan Primark.
Fit: True to size but large in the heel. Heel just under 4", platform 1 3/4".
Comfort: Other than the funny walking method, no issues!

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  1. I love these I have them in brown the only pair or boots that have ever fit my huge calves! They do make you walk in a different way don't they xx


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