Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 631 - I Gotta Get Back To Simplicity

Shoes: Green and purple 'Pandora' Harajuku Lovers

I'm all for change but not when it comes to technology or anything related to that. Yesterday I thought I had nothing better to do than upload my outfit images to Photobucket, crop, resize and edit as usual and upload here. Uploaded them to Photobucket, no problem, then clicked edit and felt like I'd been transported to another planet. For those that don't know, their editing system has undergone a massive overhaul (and I had no warning). There's lots more effects you can apply to your images (good), maybe a little too much that they've overcomplicated the editing process. What got me though was the amount of editing tools I'd previously used that no longer exist. Yes it takes a while to adjust to a new layout or system (using the 'new editor' post function for example on Blogger took me a while to get the hang off but now I wouldn't be without it), that I can almost handle (although I have to admit to going into an absolute panic a couple of weeks ago when I clicked to see the new blogger layout and had absolutely no idea how to work it or get it back to the 'normal' one-going to hate it when when we have no option but to use it), however removing previous tools with no substitute is just wrong. I pay for an account on Photobucket, purely for my blog and considering I don't have a job and don't make any money from my blogs it's not as easy as 'upping sticks' to another program (and that would probably be just as alien to me too). I guess I'll eventually get the hang of it (although will still miss those invaluable tools), but it took me all last night and this morning just to put together these few images. Time I don't have especially to waste on something that took me a quarter of the time before! Anyway, I had a little fun with some effects (might as well have put the time/effort to some use)-I'm not sure I'd do this every time but it's given me a fair idea of some colour effects and frames I like or don't like. Word to the wise though, when I edited my photo then saved and replaced it over the original, it shows your updated version in your album but uploads to blogger as the original and when I clicked to edit it again on Photobucket it showed the original-I worked around it by clicking the image from my album, saving it to my computer and uploading that version to Photobucket (again time wasted and album space taken up, but hopefully this will be a glitch they'll fix). I haven't used text in images yet, but apparently that's a nightmare too!

Wearing: Black floral dress Dorothy Perkins, black leggings and cardigan Primark.
Fit:  Reasonably generous and these are a US7.5, adjustable buckle on slingback.  Mirror heel 5 1/4", 3/4" platform.
Comfort: No issues with these.

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