Friday, 20 April 2012

Day 633 - Sadness Is Beautiful Loneliness That's Tragical

Shoes: Navy and gold 'Can't Touch This' Irregular Choice

Another day, another battle with photobucket!  Actually in fairness, I am finding it quite fun to use and am getting quicker at editing each pic.  After an hour or so though it starts to get tiresome and I lose interest.  I've completely neglected Pink Haired Princess (and Facebook and Tumblr and emails) this week, purely because there aren't enough daylight hours for me to arrange posts on both blogs, which is extremely frustrating.  I'm not sure how I can fit it all in as I'm working at it non-stop and I have absolutely no idea how real-working girls manage it.  I salute you!

Wearing: Key print dress H By Henry Holland, navy leggings Primark, boat cardigan Peacocks.
Fit: Almost 4" heel, adjustable buckle. Snug fit but I opt for my regular size.
Comfort: My only complaint is it's hard to find the holes in the dark fabric for the buckle (it's also navy on the reverse of the strap).

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