Sunday, 1 April 2012

Day 621 - Please Stick To The Rivers + The Lakes That You're Used To

Shoes: Pink 'Bambino' Irregular Choice

A very quickly put together outfit today as my nephews were visiting, but actually I rather like it. This dress was a £5 bargain in Primark and I loved the bright colours but thought 'do I really need it?'. Then I was like 'it's a freakin' fiver what are you dithering for'! Mum bought me this scarf the other week, another bargain reduced to a £1 or something like that and it's absolutely beautiful. It looks really expensive and is a proper old-lady scarf which I like, beautiful colours in it again. And a thank you to the light for hitting my face in exactly the right place in these pics, disguising the three huge spots I have ; )

Wearing: Floral sundress, cardigan, leggings and seahorse pendant all Primark, scarf M&Co.
Fit: Small fitting but no need to size up, although you may need to cut a longer button-hole as I did. 5" heel.
Comfort: I wore these for hours today with no problems, although I know not everyone will find them easy to walk in.

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