Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day Four Hundred & Thirty Seven - Lifted

Shoes: Black wedges with gold and silver leaf detail Dolce & Gabbana

My parents are on holiday currently which means I have more computer time (I realise I sound like a 5 year old but anyway), all it's meant is that I find silly things to do like playing online games, watching videos on YouTube or googling people! I really need to get back into a routine and get some work done! So these are the shoes I wore y'day-first time on TSGD. I didn't get to wear them outside though because by the time I got organised, it started raining-story of my life right now! My hair is an utter mess in these photos for two reasons 1) I had just cut it and washed it without conditioner/styling products to prep for colouring it and 2) resizing the images is not kind to my hair, it always makes it look way more fuzzy than it actually is but I don't think you want images 3x larger than life!

Wearing: Polka dot jumpsuit (which was seriously hoiked up in these pics, because it is so long), black vest and sunglasses all Primark.
Fit: Run a little tight. 6" wedge heel, 1 1/2" platform, adjustable buckle.
Comfort: Well I didn't get anywhere in them so can't really comment on their comfort yet!


  1. i love these wedges.
    i'm sort of glad im not the only one who finds the jumpsuits around at the moment insanely long!

  2. wow I am loving those shoes!!! amazing!!!! They look high, just how I like em!!

  3. I think your hair looks amazing here!!

  4. char-I have wide trousers i keep meaning to take up, think they need a foot lopped off at least!

    h, b&s-thank you...they're quite weighty.

    anon-really? thanks!


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