Sunday, 29 May 2011

Day Four Hundred & Forty Three - Such Grace

Shoes: Bright purple 'Grace Lace' wooden stacked wedges Irregular Choice

I've had this pair for over a year and haven't ever worn them, so they're another pair up for sale this afternoon. I really love the bright colour, the touch of floral and that statement heel is amazing. Unfortunately it just doesn't feel high enough for me and this is what deters me from wearing them. I really wanted 'Once In Love', a style with a similar heel and after missing out on them, I settled for these instead and I guess I was still hankering after OIL.

Wearing: No outfit post.
Fit: Unlike OIL and Dance The Night Away, they are slightly more roomy so you don't necessarily need to size up on these. I did buy a bigger size and they're slightly too big but still wearable. Heel 4".
Comfort: Really comfortable and I'm sure they'll be easy to walk in.


Thank you for your shoeaholic love!!

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