Thursday, 12 May 2011

Day Four Hundred & Thirty Four - Pretty Silly

Shoes: Black peep toe shoe boot with pink heel ASOS

My birthday is coming up soon (24th) and my mate is coming to take me out for lunch on the 21st and I've just realised my hair really needs coloured again (it's horrid in these pics-soz). However my Mum is away on her hols (and usually does it for me) and won't be back until the 24th, grrr. So I'm gonna have really gross hair for another couple of weeks and on my b'day too-boo! Oh man! I accessorized with an uber mahoosive pom pom hairband today and I'm now tempted to buy another so I can wear a pom pom on each side-how ridiculous and crazy cool would that be? It's the only thing for it when you're turning 31 (scareee)-I'm still going to be wearing mad shoes and rings on every finger when I'm 80 I tell you!

Wearing: Pink polka dot bow dress F&F at Tesco, black belt Dorothy Perkins, black leggings, cardi and vest and floral sunglasses all Primark, pom pom hairband Miss Selfridge.
Fit: True to size, lace up, 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: Fine and easy to walk in.


  1. Maybe it's worth trying to do your own hair? I do all mine myself, it's less difficult than you'd think; I can even do bleaching and foils! x

  2. I used to, but with this trying to keep the ends pink and the rest turquoise-I don't think I'd manage the back by myself without being able to properly see it...might just have to improvise over the next week! Which colour are you thinking of next m'lady? I think I'm sticking with the turquoise for now x


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