Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day Four Hundred & Thirty One - Run!

Shoes: Pink leopard 'Cortesan' Irregular Choice

I didn't think I'd get out today, we had a lot of heavy showers. However it brightened up later on, so I got dressed, chucked on some lipstick and sunglasses as quick as I could and went out before the rain started again! My sister laughed at me in my new sunglasses-don't think that's a good thing, she thought I resembled Lady Gaga...that's not necessarily bad though is it? Heehee!

Wearing: Black leggings, cardi, sunglasses and taupe pearls Primark, babydoll dress ASOS Curve (hangs beautifully).
Fit: Run small, just under 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: Crushed toes and after a while I think they'll give you blisters because they are small made. Easy enough to walk in.


  1. really need to head to p;rimark to check out these sunglasses!
    and how odd, i have these iCs and i find them waaay too big in my normal size, os much so i have had to put heel grips in them :(

  2. No way! Mine are sooo small and I have them in purple snake-exactly the same, tiny!

  3. Hi there from a fellow scottish girly. You look great here! Do you mind if I ask what lipstick you're wearing in these pics? I've been looking for a shade like that for so long!

  4. Thank you Elle ; ) Eeek, can I remember which lippie? I think it may have been my OCC Lip Tar actually...I have a purpley one and think I popped it over a lipstick. I'll try and check shade names...


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