Friday, 6 May 2011

Day Four Hundred & Thirty - Pretty Polly

Shoes: Purple 'Linky' platforms Faith

I bravely reenacted my Wednesday night outfit today. As I mentioned yesterday on Pink Haired Princess, I've kinda been in the wars lately. My ankles are just one big mess of cuts and grazes! I really don't want to blame these shoes because I totally heart them, I think the combination of wearing them bare legged and in the heat means they've just rubbed in all the wrong places. I have to say though that they are otherwise incredibly comfy (no aching underfoot, good arch support etc) and easy to walk in, so maybe once they've been broken in a bit more they won't cause problems?

Wearing: Parrot maxi dress G21 at Asda (hoicked up for pics), bow cardi New Look, shell bag River Island and an assortment of rings and Anna Lou necklace which I didn't haul out for the pics today.
Fit: True to size and such easy to use buckles! Just over 5" heel and 1" platform.
Comfort: Buckle rubbed on the ankle and shoe rubbed up the leg, above the heel at the back. Easy to walk in though.

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  1. those shoes are pretty!!! I love the color and buckles!! Also did you know Kandee Shoes is having a sample sale and everything is under 100 euros... some low as 10. And there is more to come later!! And I know you like Kandee shoes haha.


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