Saturday, 16 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Eight - Strap Yourself In

Another fabulous pair of boots today (or technically yesterday). I got dressed up and all ready to go out on a walk and opened the front door and realised it was pouring with rain. So I had to wait until it cleared to go out. I'm glad I hadn't attempted to take these boots off in between because they are an absolute nightmare to get off! When I put them on, I tightened the straps all the way up, so they fitted better (and I had tights on, so don't think that helped). Even taking the buckles out and loosening the straps I couldn't get them off. You know when you had tight trousers or tights on a Sindy doll and tried to pull them off and her leg popped out of her hip? That's what I felt like yesterday! They're gorgeous though (very Vivienne Westwood inspired) and very comfy.
Cream 'Bondaged Up' boots by Poste Mistress at Office, floral dress Dorothy Perkins

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