Monday, 4 January 2010

Day Ninety Seven - Temperature's Rising

This weather is driving me insane. I haven't left the house since last Christmas/month/year/decade! We even featured on the national news today (national!). For anyone who doesn't live in the UK, you basically never hear about snow on the news unless London has it bad! Our local council have advised everyone to stay indoors and not to travel because there is no salt left to grit the roads. Although the snow isn't too bad, we have permanently had a covering on the ground for the past few weeks which is unheard of. The schools are back tomorrow, so I don't see how you can advise against travelling when thousands of school kids, teachers, staff have to travel. Anyway, I just wish I could venture out for a wee walk for some fresh air, but there's no point taking a risk as I'll probably fall and hurt myself!

So today, we have an ultra tropical looking shoe, kind of like a rain-dance, it's supposed to bring warmer climes! These sandals are even more beautiful inside than out, with embroidered flowers. They also feature coloured rhinestones and a tiny little silver charm dangling near the heel (see it?). Ignore my scutty nail polish, my feet haven't been exposed for weeks!
Lime green sandals with embroidered flowers and rhinestones by Unze London

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